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livingdeadbunny wrote in nejireta_shiso
All sold!!

Hi guys~
I've decided to sell off 3/4 of my signed screw items from my collection~ xposted to other lj comms


I'm in a pinch ATM, so the items listed here will be up for an auction. Everything is in Excellent condition. Please note--I don't live in Japan, so I had to pay extra for the service fees and shipping , hence the high starting bid price ^^;

Auction ends on the 10th of April, 2009 (I will close the auction at any random time of that day)

1) Official PSC trading card set - Raging blood period (signed)
Starting bid price: $22

(Sorry for the grainy quality of the pictures T___T My scanner sucks...)

2) Band Photo (Signed)
Starting bid price: $15

3)Jishuban Club Privillege board (signed)
Starting Price: $10

-Prices stated are in USD
-No backing out after confirmation of payment.
-I don't do holds or reservations.
- I do not accept trades of any kind at the moment.
-Payment will be via Paypal. No e-checks please T__T
-I ship worldwide via standard airmail. The shipping cost depends on your location . Generally, i think the shipping cost is not that high, since these items are pretty light??-->definitely below $10, unless you'd like it to be sent via registered airmail  or EMS instead (I don't cheat at shipping costs, ROFL).
-You can take a look at my feedback
here and here.

Thank you very much for looking~!! ^____^

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Bid here for the Official PSC trading card set

The comment is screened and I can't reply to it? Oh well, I read the comment through my E-mail and I'd be very pleased if I would still be able to receive the trading cards. That price is fine. I will send the payment ASAP, probably tonight unless paypal decides to have problems with me. I'll let you know when the payment is sent.

Payment received~! ^_^
Thank you very much for your purchase~<3

That name and address stated in your paypal is the correct one, yes? I'll mail the cards out on monday~ :D

Thank you so much for making this possible; you really made my day~! Okay, I'm glad you received the payment with no problems. I'm not too familiar with paypal and I used my brother's account (the address is the correct one). The name you can address it to is Kara Luthi however.

Thank you again~! Glad to do business with you~!

Bid here for the Signed photo

Bid here for the Jishuban Club Privillege board

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